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Mill Valley Cycleworks

About Us
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40 Years Now and Still Going Strong...


About Us: Our shop's been in the same location now for 40 years.  We reopened as Mill Valley Cycleworks in 1995, and thanks to the support of our loyal customers and the community we've grown into a complete retail bike shop that caters to all levels of cycling.  We're known for our friendly atmosphere, knowledgeable employees and excellent product lines.  All of our employees commute or ride recreationally everyday, so we have a good understanding of bicycles and cyclists alike.

Services: Mill Valley Cycleworks is a highly customer service oriented neighborhood bike shop.  We're also committed to being a full-service shop.  We cater to kids, commuters, cyclo-crossers, triathletes, freeriders, retro enthusiasts, serious racers and everything in between. 

Get Fit:  Proper fit on your bike is of extreme importance, especially if you are looking to increase your performance and want optimum comfort. An ill-fitting bike can lead to knee, back and neck pain and possibly injuries. We have Certified Serotta Bike Fit Specialists on staff and a Serotta Size Cycle for custom bike fittings.  To schedule a custom bike fit or to be fit to an existing bike, please give us a call or email us.  The fit process takes anywhere from one to two hours.  Click here to learn more about the Serotta sizing process and why proper bike fit is so important.


Why buy your bike from us?: We offer the highest level of personalized customer service.  We are an independently owned shop, and our sales and service people DO NOT work on commission.  Quite simply, we don't believe in the hard sell.  We want to make sure our customers get the bike that fits their needs, and more importantly, a bike that they'll want to ride.  To ensure that our customers get off to a good start with their new bike, we offer a free one year service plan with all bike purchases.

Let our professional sales employees help you find the perfect bike.  We have trained fit experts available for private consultation.  Three of our fit experts seen here  (from small to large): Wylie, Queenie and Dozer.

Our Mechanics: are qualified, experienced and honest professionals who are easy to talk to.  They specialize in custom wheel builds, bike builds and full suspension and disc brake service.  We try to assist walk-in customers as much as possible, but our mechanics' skills are highly in demand and often times they're quite busy.  We advise that you call ahead to set up an appointment.  We offer affordable service options so the customer only pays for the work that's needed.

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