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Mill Valley Cycleworks


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Meet our employees.  See why they set us apart from the other shops.


Wylie is our newest, youngest and smallest employee.  He was rescued from the Sacramento Shelter.  Wylie's time was up and he was scheduled to be euthanized when Rocketdog Rescue of San Francisco found him.  We're so grateful that he was saved.  He's such a special little guy and very wise for his age.  Please don't breed or buy while millions of wonderful animals (just like Wylie) die in our shelters. Please adopt or rescue instead.  There's no excuse. See our Links page for more info.


Miss Queenie, Public Relations Princess. Queenie was rescued from the Kern County Animal Control Facility in Bakersfield. She is very happy to be living in Mill Valley now and lives each day to the fullest.


Ed L, Mill Valley Cycleworks' Owner and CEO.  Ed founded the shop in 1995.  Before opening the shop, Ed was a professional architectural photographer.  He also had a very successful career as an ultra distance road cyclist.


Jim, Expert Fit Guy & Salesman (seen here with Greg LeMond).  Jim is one of the best bike fit guys west of the Mississippi.  He started riding and racing road bikes almost 20 years ago, while he was living in Manhattan.  His favorite bike is his steel Serotta Colorado III.


Val, Sales and Buyer. Favorite bike: Ed Litton, custom steel fixed gear.  Other wheels: Colnago C-50 and Seven Tsunami CX.  Favorite color: Hello Kitty Pink.


Ben, Mechanic and nice guy. Ben is an up-and-coming road and cyclocross racer, and we are privileged to have him working with us. He's part of the newly launched OrganicAthlete elite team, comprised of vegan racers.  Cycleworks is a proud sponsor of Team OA.


Dozer, Chief Security Officer & P.R. Guru.  As you can see, Dozer is a handsome fellow.  He is originally from the Marin Humane Society.  Dozer's favorite pastimes: long walks on the beach at sunset, napping and eating.  He's a real sweetie.


Russ is from San Francisco.  He retired from a 40 year career as a graphic artist, and decided he wanted to work around bikes, his lifelong passion.  Russ is in fabulous shape and typically can be found riding his steel fixed gear road bike.


Tim, Sales, is a bit of a retro freak.  His favorite bikes are all from the 70's, if that tells you anything.  We are constantly amazed by his knowledge of old Campy parts.  Favorite pastimes: Watching old Kurosawa films and tending to his Bonsai trees.


Quoc, Mechanic, hails originally from Indo-China.  He is a freeride fanatic and extreme athlete. He loves his Santa Cruz "Nomad."  Favorite pastimes include gourmet cooking and cleaning his house.  He is known to be a neat freak.


Stevie, Mechanic, grew up in El Sobrante, where he still resides with his 3 sons: Jeremy, Josh and Jacob.  He's an attentive dad and spends his weekends with his sons, helping them with their BMX racing and working on their bikes. 

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